Coin & Dice Toss

By Mark Cerritelli

The best coin toss and dice rolling app for the iPhone or Apple Watch!


  • Toss various coins!
  • Toss several dice!
  • Complication to give you a quick Head or Tails!
  • Make your own luck! (But not really, all tosses are completly random with arc4random_uniform).

    Apple Watch instruction:

  • Swipe up to toss!
  • Swipe to the left/right to go between dice and coin tossing.
  • Rotate the Digital Crown to change your Coin.
  • Rotate the Digital Crown to change the number of Dice.
  • Tap on the Dice to change their color.

    Known Issues I'm working on:

  • If the Apple Watch coin sometimes gets stuck, try switching to the dice. It's a weird iOS bug that I'm working on.
  • Ideally, your purchases will seamlessly transfer to your Apple Watch. But in some circumstances, they might not show up on your watch. On the 3rd screen, I have a button to force your Apple Watch to talk to your iPhone to grab your purchases. This might take a few seconds.

    Email all questions and sugestions to: mark dot cerritelli at gmail dot com